A screenshot from the Autoglitcher blog

Autoglitcher: New old blog

A screenshot from the Autoglitcher blog

Just a quick word for a blog I started up months ago but never gave the time it deserved. Up until now, I’ve been posting glitched up stuff on the Illarterate blog, but I’ve decided to give Autoglitcher another chance, at least for a while. I’ll look to retrospectively post some of my glitch art excursions from the past few months if I can get round to it this weekend.

As the title suggests, this site’s all about interesting glitches in television, video games and general media. The idea of autoglitching relates to those glitches you seemingly stumble across or have little input in, especially those created completely by accident.

A must for all fans of glitch art, even if I do say so myself. πŸ˜‰


I know nothing about art; as a rule, 'modern' graphic design does not appeal to me. I like to write in the first person because I do not want to be someone else.

Influences: public toilet cubicle drawings/slogans; WordArt posters in Market Street shop windows; Mega-Zine; bootleg vinyl artwork; Janne Suni; Pink Floyd; whoever is responsible for the Max Headroom hijacking incident; Collie, the Inept Reviewer.

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