Analogue Propaganda - the DVD

Analogue Propaganda – The DVD

Coming soon to a HMV near you… Analogue Propaganda on Dee Vee Dee. In actual fact, I doubt anyone would buy the thing even if it were wholesale. Nevertheless, you can watch this piece of videographic excellence — which includes high quality versions of many videos previously available only on YouTube —  if you come round to my house and ask me nicely. I’ll also try and persuade the local rental shop to buy a copy…

Analogue Propaganda - the DVDMore pics…


I know nothing about art; as a rule, 'modern' graphic design does not appeal to me. I like to write in the first person because I do not want to be someone else.

Influences: public toilet cubicle drawings/slogans; WordArt posters in Market Street shop windows; Mega-Zine; bootleg vinyl artwork; Janne Suni; Pink Floyd; whoever is responsible for the Max Headroom hijacking incident; Collie, the Inept Reviewer.

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