Heritage Survival @ WOW Fest, Wigan 2010

WOW Festival 2010, Alexandra Park, Wigan

Last weekend I had the pleasure of distributing leaflets at the WOW Festival, Wigan’s annual event celebrating cultural diversity in the borough. During my breaks, I got the chance to have a bit of a wander round the site,  sample the fantastic (cough) on-site catering grab a few shots of the acts performing on the main stage.

Now I’ve said that I suppose I’d better show you some of them, eh?

Hazara Singh @ WOW Fest, Wigan 2010

That’s Hazara Singh, member of the Asian Music Talent group. Didn’t have time to stick around and enjoy their set as there was so much other stuff elsewhere in the park I wanted to check out.

Heritage Survival @ WOW Fest, Wigan 2010

A bit later in the afternoon, Heritage Survival graced the stage with their African reggae/jazz beats.

Heritage Survival @ WOW Fest, Wigan 2010

Originally from Zimbabwe, Heritage Survival are now based in Wigan. At the time of writing, they’re currently touring the UK, so check them out if you get the chance.

I did actually get a few more photos which you may see at some point in the future. They’re not that good, though. In the meantime, check out the high res versions of the pics in this post by visiting the Illarterate Flickr channel.


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