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dan [at] illarterate [dot] co [dot] uk

Or, just leave me a message anywhere on the site. I’m alerted via email whenever anyone drops a comment.


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  1. Hi Dan,

    I saw your work on the Pixel is Power blog from a few years back. Really impressive stuff on there and your thesis/report submitted was interesting in its scope and detail.

    I do have a question for you though on how you went about all this. I’m a big Ceefax/Teletext fan and at the moment I’m looking in to setting up a website/blog in the ‘ceefax’ style in a bid to keep it alive (the site will host comic reviews etc.). I’m not a web designer (but an engineer so I’m fairly handy around most geeky stuff!) so how would you recommend I go about this or if it is even feasible? I know the attraction somewhat to Ceefax was its restricted output and format – do you think this can translate well to a larger, more interactive HTML look?

    I have Dreamweaver with a mind to creating and hosting on my own site as I notice that the control over the style templates in blogspot is extremely restricted.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Hi Rob, thanks for stopping by!

    I experimented with lots of ways of achieving a teletext style in the Pixel is Power project, but the method I settled upon was very low tech. Basically all the pages were drawn up and created using a Photoshop template with the aid of Cebratext, which I used for many of the images. In that respect, I had to ‘cheat’ to some extent because of my limited web coding skills.

    It was a plan to attempt an Adobe Flash version, but that kind of got canned after I moved on from the project. Someone who (I believe) has used Flash in their own teletext-style website — and mighty impressive it is too — is Ivan Ferreiro:

    It might be possible to do something in css, but because of the number of browsers around it might be hard to achieve any sort of consistency, not to mention quite tricky to design. Guess it depends on your skills in the programme.

    My own technique was to take GIFs and use HTML to make them navigable using a simple image map – requires only a basic knowledge of Dreamweaver/Frontpage.

    Here’s a couple of little bits I did for the Uncyclopedia, combining animated gifs and text:

    These were done in Wikicode, though I guess that could be easily translated to HTML. These were fairly time consuming, however.

    Well, I hope this has helped you in some small way. Kind of makes me want to revisit the whole teletext aesthetic for the ten millionth time…

    Best of luck with your project, and keep me posted!

  3. Hi Dan,
    Just wanted to say that I was really inspired by your work ‘Pixel is power’. Your accompanying essay helped informed my latest piece on teletext and the beginnings of consumer’s relation and interaction with the screen/television.

    My piece is called ‘TV Love’:

    Thank you for your work and inspiration.


  4. Hi Saad,

    Well I have to say I’m honoured to have inspired you in some way. :)

    I loved the video! Especially liked the bit with the moving shapes like the Channel 4 logo ident from the late 80s/early 90s. Do you have a website with more work I can browse through?


  5. Hi Dan,

    I am really glad you liked it! ­čśÇ I’d like to show it to more teletext artists, I looked at the teletext international festival but that doesn’t look like it supports video pur se.

    Unfortunately I have only this wee tumblr page of mine:

    I have done some other stuff, I have directed a few short films but I have not released those online yet. I constructed ‘TV Love’ using Adobe After Effects which I recently learnt so I will be coming out wit new stuff very soon.

    Thank you again!


  6. Thanks for all the hard work on //N.P.P.D. RUSH// – THE MILK OF ULTRA VIOLET (its making me ill having to type all that out everytime)

    The game is serious nothing without the portraits, makes me a bit sad that the bearded buskers went by the wayside :(
    But we did the best we could!!

    You will be handsomely rewarded with a bottomless steak bake!!

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