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International Teletext Art Festival 2014: Not a walkthrough of Illarterate’s TXTPunk

In previous years, I have posted detailed walkthroughs of my entries for the last two editions of the International Teletext Art Festival. They didn’t necessarily need to be explored in such detail, but because

Text Mode is Text-TV is Video Text is Teletext: A chat with Chiptune Master Goto80

With the Finland leg of the 2013 International Teletext Art Festival underway, Illarterate decided to quiz participating artist Anders Carlsson on… everything but teletext art. Well, he is a fairly prominent figure in the

International Teletext Art Festival 2013 Wises Fwom The Gwave

Fancy a spot of time travel, Marty? Forget the fact we’re now in March 2014, because there’s unfinished business – it’s time to hop into our hyperspeed DeLoreans and head all the way back

Illarterate @ International Teletext Art Festival 2013: Walkthrough of my entries

It was with great delight I learned the International Teletext Art Prize would be returning for another year of 8-bit scanline-tinged nostalgia. That’s not to say I wasn’t slightly apprehensive, as this home-brewed festival

International Teletext Art Festival 2013 launches!

Today sees the launch of the International Teletext Art Festival 2013, a Europe-wide event celebrating that forgotten medium of artistic expression, Videotext. Or, if you live in the UK, that method of watching the

My submissions for International Teletext Art Festival 2012: Walkthrough

I first heard about International Teletext Art Festival 2012 through the Teletext Mailing List a couple of months back, but the desire to have works published via public teletext first arose some five years

Teletext: The Life and Death of a Medium

Clearing out some of the bulkier files on, I came across a timeline created for my final year Graphic Arts Research Project (GARP) I’d completely forgotten about. It may be text only, but

Teletext to meet early demise

The date was set – Teletext, the digital medium often seen as the spiritual successor to the Internet, would be switched off along with the analogue signal in 2012. But now that date has