As a medium, I love the weblog. It’s a powerful platform with so many options and capabilities, an ever-evolving format that documents the web and its changing nature. Look at a blog from ten years ago and you’re instantly transported back to the turn of the century, a society with a whole different set of priorities and cultures.

Note: Descriptions with no link indicate a dead blog. Nooooo!

Big bad blog list

  • Illogiblog (June 2007–) I co-founded a project known as the Illogicopedia in early 2007. A few months later, I hit upon the idea of producing a concurrent weblog that I, and fellow members of the Illogicopedia project, would post news and comment on happenings at the main site. These days, it’s more multi-purpose and has expanded to include topics such as Wikipedia and general humour. Posts also often spoof ‘genuine’ blog entries.
  • Retro Yakking (October 2008–) Semi-active blog dedicated to retro video gaming, accompanied by short YouTube reviews.
  • Jesus Was A Wiganer (August 2009–) Blog following the exploits of the Premier League football team Wigan Athletic from the eyes of a season ticket holder (ie. me). Includes a whole load of photos and talentless hack-style reportage!
  • Orchestrated Muppetry (December 2009–) The spiritual successor to Retro Yakking, even if I don’t get as much time to devote to the project these days. Now incorporating the short-lived Yak News Network.
  • Bite-sized Muppetry (November 2011–) As the name suggests, a snappier, more to-the-point version of Orchestrated Muppetry. Includes original image macros and edits and weird little curiosities that didn’t sit quite right at any of my other blogs.

Inactive blogs

  • AutoGlitcher (April 2009–) What if a glitch was meant to happen? What if input was manipulated by a human or some other force in some way to create, at least to some extent, a deliberate glitch? Some sort of system to create semi-automatic errors, or autoglitches?
  • Retro Yakking Today (December 2008–March 2010) Er, yeah, I have two different blogs with the same name. Confusing, eh? This one isn’t to be confused, though, as it’s not really video game biased, more a traditional blog providing an outlet for my ramblings. Note: Retro Yakking is currently offline as its host, blogdog, has died. I doubt we’ll ever see it again.

Inactive work blogs

  • Illarterate (September 2007–May 2008) Including the hardest ever version of Pong, political advice hotlines, stupid questionnaire queries, toxic dogs and lobscouse.
  • Pong Blogger (2007–2008) Pong experimentation blog. Play Ultimate Pong, Insanely Difficult Pong and numerous glitched-up versions of the game. You might want to turn your volume down first, though.
  • Pixel is Power (April 2007–May 2008) Teletext isn’t quite dead yet. Including stuff based on Andy Warhol’s very own video game, ASCII Super Mario Brothers, horrendously innaccurate subtitles and a pixellated version of Google.
  • Artlessness (January–August 2007) Including why public transport sucks, Jamie Oliver lifts, stone age bus stops, Gordon Brown’s holiday fund, Fish TV and incredibly watery coffee.
  • Embrace Failure (January–April 2007) Sound based projects including bumbling politicians, bizarre experiments and interviews with cats.
  • Playthings (2007) Research blog looking at playful design.
  • Liverpool Biennial 2006 (March–April 2006) Including Panamanian bus art, amphibious vehicles, suspicious-looking security guards and a minor copyright wrangle…

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