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No-Ammo proposed logo
No-Ammo proposed logo

For a long time, I’ve claimed to be part of the online writing/design/multimedia/whatever group No-Ammo. By that, I mean I’ve been floating about offering critical advice here and there, just generally annoying everyone else with my idleness.

Now I decided to get off my big fat butt and actually do something for it. Well, I may not have exactly the same mindset as the other members when it comes to Slightly Below Average Man — my ideas are usually labelled ‘frivolous’ or ‘stupid’ — I can contribute with something I know a little bit about: armadillos. Smooth on the inside, crunchy on the outside.

Anyway, I’ve been working on the idea of military stencilling. Cliched, maybe, but it perfectly fits with the whole ammunition theme. I’m gonna try and get some of these designs up at the sketchbook soon.

No Ammo proposed white on camo logo
No Ammo proposed white on camo logo


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I know nothing about art; as a rule, 'modern' graphic design does not appeal to me. I like to write in the first person because I do not want to be someone else.

Influences: public toilet cubicle drawings/slogans; WordArt posters in Market Street shop windows; Mega-Zine; bootleg vinyl artwork; Janne Suni; Pink Floyd; whoever is responsible for the Max Headroom hijacking incident; Collie, the Inept Reviewer.

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