All About Teletext

Author’s note: this article was originally published at general interest blogazine Harry Yack’s Orchestrated Muppetry on 14 December 2009. It is reproduced here with the permission of Batman. Nah, not really – I wrote it myself. Starting today, the teletext service known as, erm, Teletext, will close forever. The process will be all but complete […]

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Ford Model TTX, Dan Farrimond

International Teletext Art Festival 2014: Not a walkthrough of Illarterate’s TXTPunk

In previous years, I have posted detailed walkthroughs of my entries for the last two editions of the International Teletext Art Festival. They didn’t necessarily need to be explored in such detail, but because of semi-obscure references to things like little-known island Rockall and the largely forgotten Good Times virus, I felt the need to […]

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