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UK Queuing Championships [Play Expo], Manchester 2012 [Vlog]

Finally, a benefit of living in Greater Manchester! Five quid for an any bus day pass to anywhere in the metropolitan county ain’t too bad, especially when the UK’s largest retro gaming expo just

Replay Expo 2011, Blackpool: An illuminating experience [Vlog]

Harry Yack takes a trip to the home of donkeys, expensive lighting and billions of bed and breakfasts. No time for sausage ‘n’ chips or walks along the promenade, however, as the 2011 Replay

‘Teleglitcher’ featured in Dick Whyte’s “Detournement: Critical Cinema and The Internet”

Teleglitcher, an early video from my 2007 Pixel is Power project, has been featured in a special presentation at the New Zealand Film Archive. Kiwi visual artist Dick Whyte, with the help of Mark

Good Copy Bad Copy: Creativity on the line [The VHS Project]

Personally, I am not a fan of copyright licenses. Oftentimes I feel restricted in my work, unable to sample almost anything at all for fear of infringing copyright laws. This comes as no real

Analogue Propaganda: Nick McCabe – Ambience: Teletext is Dead early mix

When creating the ‘Teletext is Dead’ video, I tried out a number of soundtracks, messing around with the pacing before finally settling on a fast paced, hectic concoction. This early mix, by contrast, is

VHS cassette copyright warnings [The VHS Project]

I wonder if copyright messages are themselves copyrighted? Let’s conduct an experiment. Here’s a video consisting entirely of legal warnings from the likes of VVL and the VHS Video Collection. Who will be the

Satire, don’t you just love it?

I had almost completely forgotten about those poor quality videos I uploaded to YouTube for no other reason than embed them on my project blogs. Until this morning, when I was mucking about with

Kung fu fighting Gordon Brown in widescreen (and crummy upscaled HD)

Ha! Election time is almost upon us, which reminded me of something, namely those Gordon Brown mashups I did a couple of years ago, the ones Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic didn’t like