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Analogue Propaganda: Nick McCabe – Ambience: Teletext is Dead early mix

When creating the ‘Teletext is Dead’ video, I tried out a number of soundtracks, messing around with the pacing before finally settling on a fast paced, hectic concoction. This early mix, by contrast, is much more relaxing and laid back, whilst at the same time strangely intense. Music is provided by Nick McCabe.

Oh, and now you know where inspiration for the ‘Dreamy’ instrumental (as seen in this video) comes from.


I know nothing about art; as a rule, 'modern' graphic design does not appeal to me. I like to write in the first person because I do not want to be someone else.

Influences: public toilet cubicle drawings/slogans; WordArt posters in Market Street shop windows; Mega-Zine; bootleg vinyl artwork; Janne Suni; Pink Floyd; whoever is responsible for the Max Headroom hijacking incident; Collie, the Inept Reviewer.

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