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Howard Webb in a Manchester United Shirt

A load of old Babel: Illarterate hits the back pages! Sort of

Anybody who’s bought a newspaper and looked at the back page today will probably have noticed a particularly poor Photoshop of Howard Webb wearing a Manchester United shirt. This one, in fact:

Howard Webb in a Manchester United Shirt
The image that launched a thousand smirks. Maybe.

Well, guess who made it? That’s right, some fool whose text you are reading right now. Namely myself. Feel free to peruse the gallery below, which I am compiling in honour of this moment of (anonymous) fame for Harry Yack.

See here for a brief background on the image’s origin and why it’s such a poor Photoshop. Though I guess anyone with eyes is able to see that.

Fantastical gallery

Click an image for full size version.

Monday 10 January:

Sun Sport Ryan Babel Twitter Howard Webb
The Sun
Metro Ryan Babel Howard Webb Twitter
The Metro
Howard Webb Guardian Ryan Babel Twitter
The Guardian
Howard Webb Daily Mail Ryan Babel Twitter
The Daily Mail

Tuesday 11 January:

Howard Webb Daily Sport Ryan Babel Twitter
Daily Sport
Howard Webb Daily Metro Babel Twitter
The Metro

Oh yeah, and it isn’t ‘mocked-up’ or ‘faked’, it’s a real photo! 😛


I know nothing about art; as a rule, 'modern' graphic design does not appeal to me. I like to write in the first person because I do not want to be someone else.

Influences: public toilet cubicle drawings/slogans; WordArt posters in Market Street shop windows; Mega-Zine; bootleg vinyl artwork; Janne Suni; Pink Floyd; whoever is responsible for the Max Headroom hijacking incident; Collie, the Inept Reviewer.

4 thoughts to “A load of old Babel: Illarterate hits the back pages! Sort of”

  1. :O Woah… You serious? Well done, I’m sure this isn’t an achievement you will forget overnight. Mr. Dalglish is on about it now – won’t be long before David Cameron is declaring it a threat to national security.

    As for Howard Webb, I think he’s a decent referee (compare him to Graham Poll and Rob Styles) though he made a few mistakes in the Manc/Scouse derby. Also If I slag him off too much he will probably arrest me, as he is of course a Sheffield policeman.

  2. I did one for the gaffer (Chelsea ST holder) to wind up his scouse mates of Lou and Andy from Little Britain in honour of their new strike partnership (When they get to play that is). I dare not post it on my blog as my gf is a liverpool fan and would easily end my life as I slept if I released it 😆

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